About VetChat

We all go through those anxious times when we worry about our pet’s health and wellbeing, but we may not always need to take our pets to the vet. Sometimes, we may just need to chat with a vet to find out what’s wrong with our pets, and learn whether or not they need to visit a vet. That’s where VetChat comes in.

Dr Claire Jenkins founded VetChat to help pet parents like you, over the phone or over the internet. By sharing your observations and photos and videos, the VetChat vets can diagnose what’s ailing your pet, and give you the right advice on what the best approach is to treat your pet. 

VetChat could save you a lot of worry, and time and money on visits to your local vet. The team at VetChat are all qualified Australian vets who are ready to chat with you and help your pet get back on their feet again, and their paws.

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How VetChat works: 

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  1. Choose how to chat with a Vet

You can chat with a Vet on a video call or by using chat on your phone, tablet or computer.

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  1. Choose how to pay for your consultation

You can either pay the $39 fee securely with Stripe using your credit or debit card, or sign up to our PetCulture Gold or Platinum membership, which includes unlimited VetChat support.

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  1. Get expert diagnosis and advice instantly

Your VetChat Vet will assess your pet’s health with a virtual examination and recommend a treatment plan to get them back to their old self, or their young self if they’re a puppy or a kitten. 

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What other pet parents think of VetChat

Read how the team at VetChat have helped save pet parents worrying, saved them time and money, and even saved their pets’ lives. 

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"Thank goodness for VetChat! Our poor pup ran away because of the fireworks at new years. She returned the next morning, limping with cuts on her feet. The Vet was closed, and I was home alone with the kids anyway, so couldn’t have got the Vet.

Instead I jumped online to Claire at VetChat. She talked me through Flo's injuries, and what I could do in the interim before I could get to the Vet. When we got to the Vet a few days later, the Vet commended me on our pup’s clean wounds – thanks for the lessons on wound care VetChat!"

-Rebecca, VIC


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"What started out as a second opinion became a journey and I cannot praise VetChat highly enough.

Although I live in a city there was no Vet willing to invest the time and patience into our boy Fella’s unique situation. Claire went above and beyond in ensuring we had the support in getting a resolution into Fella's skin condition.

Claire provided the best veterinary service I’ve ever had and I would not hesitate to use or recommend VetChat to anyone in the future".

-Lauren, NT


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"VetChat is 000 for animals! When our small 4 week old pup became sick I thought 'if only I could just call a Vet and send a picture to them so they can help us without having to up end the little guy and drag him to a clinic’.

I suspected a virus and I didn’t want to leave the house with him. I knew how busy the local Vet was and a house call could take hours and be expensive.

So I looked online and there was VetChat. What a godsend! I can’t emphasise enough just how helpful this service is. To have such an intelligent, knowledgeable warm and helpful person on call on my mobile really meant the difference between life and death for this pup. With Dr Claire’s help I was able to nurse him around the clock which would have cost a fortune in a clinic, yet without which he would have died. Claire’s advice was clear, prompt and extreme value for money. Just knowing I can call her again wherever I am without having to find a clinic is great piece of mind".

-Felicity, VIC

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Meet the VetChat Vets

VetcChat’s experienced team of Veterinarians are Australian board-registered and have an average experience of 11 years caring for pets. They’ve all worked in clinics as neighbourhood Vets, both at home and internationally. The only difference is now they’re also consulting online, because they believe that’s where you need them first.

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Dr. Claire Jenkins

VetChat founder & CEO, BVSc (Hons), MANZCVS (SAM)

Claire has spent the past 15 years caring for animals as a Small Animal Veterinarian in the UK, Melbourne and is now based in Sydney. She is passionate about early intervention and how easy access to the right advice drives better health outcomes for pets.

Enter VetChat – providing fast, affordable, expert advice and real-time veterinary consultations online, so pet carers can speak directly to a qualified Vet from wherever they are.

Founded in 2016, Claire has pulled together a team of Vets she has the greatest respect for. Their shared focus is early intervention, actionable answers and peace of mind right away.

Claire’s a life-long animal lover, passionate problem solver and adorer of her gorgeous Kelpie ‘Red’.


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Dr. Elizabeth Shaw

BVSc (Hons), Small Animal Veterinarian

Based in sunny Brisbane, Liz has been working as a small animal Veterinarian since graduating with honours from the University of Queensland in 2012.

She has a special interest in small animal surgery and is currently studying for her membership exams to the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists.

Liz is married with two fur-babies, Maisy and Niko, both rescued Ragdoll cats. She enjoys helping people and their pets and loves seeing the close bond between them.


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Dr. Lucy Crane

BVetMed, Small Animal Veterinarian

Lucy is our Sunshine Coast - based Vet. She has nine years of experience as both a Mixed and Small Animal Veterinarian and graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in the UK, in 2009, moving here shortly afterwards.

She's passionate about preventative health, donkey + horse rescue and rehabilitation, neighbourhood pet imaging (radiography and ultrasonography) and reproduction.

Lucy supports her local community as well as our online one and is kept more than busy with two little humans as well.


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Dr. Judith Smith

BVMS, Small Animal Veterinarian

Jude is now Sydney-based but actually started her Veterinary career back in Scotland when she graduated in 2002. Moving here in 2007 means she’s had the pleasure of helping and caring for pets all over the world over the last 17 years.

She's passionate about providing access to the right advice for those pet carers who cannot immediately access Veterinary care in person, to improve pet-health outcomes.

Lovely Sawyer (her 12 yo Domestic Short Hair kitty) and Spot (her assumed to be 8 yo Rescue Jack Russell cross) share, and quite possibly, run the home!


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Dr. Rebecca Dowling

BVSc, MIxed Animal Veterinarian

Bec is Brisbane-based and has been working as a Large and Small Animal Veterinarian since graduating from the University of Queensland in 2004.

Her love of animals started with her first pets (her black and white pair: Blackie (cat), Snowy (dog); and beloved horse Stook), and her determination to be a Veterinarian never waned from the ripe old age of eight.

Bec is passionate about helping pet carers understand their pets and know how to keep them happy and healthy!


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Dr. Jessica Spirou

BVSc, Small Animal Veterinarian

Jess has eight years of experience as a Small Animal Veterinarian in home-town Adelaide since graduating from the University of Queensland in 2011.

She’s passionate about increasing client education to reduce fear, anxiety and stress for pets and recently completed her Fear Free Veterinary Certificate.

Frankie (her Diabetic 9 yo Domestic Short Hair Kitty) and Tim Tam (her 16 yo Turtle) are her adored pet family, in excellent hands whilst she’s currently enjoying Toronto, in between consults.


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Dr. Fiona Turner

BVSc, Small Animal Veterinarian

Fiona is a small animal Veterinarian who works in Melbourne. She’s grown up in the Vet world since the age of three, when she’d accompany her dad (he’s a Vet too) on his visits to horse patients.

Fi’s passionate about strengthening the bond between humans and animals. She’s also a blogger, producing online veterinary content to help equip pet owners with the information they need.

Fi has three children; one fur baby, Lenno (the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross who snores more loudly than her husband) and two little human kids who keep her very busy.


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Dr. Kelly Yeo

BVSc, Small Animal Veterinarian

Kelly has ten years of experience as a Small Animal Veterinarian in Melbourne since graduating from the University of Melbourne in 2009.

Kelly has a special interest in geriatric pet care and improving the quality of life for all pets with chronic illnesses.

Kelly is mum to a Papillon who is queen of the house, and a Mini Schnauzer who doesn’t let a crumb go to waste!

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