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Dog Food

The choice of dog food is paramount to ensuring your dog is happy and healthy. That’s why we stock an extensive range of premium brands engineered to support your dog’s wellbeing.

Add to that our speciality range of natural, grain-free, prescription and hypoallergenic dog food you can be sure we’ve got your dog nutritional needs met.

Order your dog food online and have it delivered straight to your doorstep, no muss no fuss. And with our auto-delivery service, you can set and forget to ensure your best friend is always well fed.

Choosing a breed specific dog food?

To optimise the nutritional value of the food for your dog, make sure you’re selecting a brand that has been formulated for your dog’s breed.

Breed size

When selecting dog food size does matter. Food is crafted to meet the energy requirements for the size of your dog. The food for a specific dog size is also tailored to combat health related issues.

Dog’s Age

While puppies need the right food to help them develop, the same goes for older dogs to help them avoid unwanted health issues.